Find Your Vehicle

Standing out in our respective creative fields has possibly never been more challenging. I attribute this to the speed in which technology is improving. What was difficult to achieve 10 years ago with computer graphics is now attainable for the beginner. As I reflect back on my design career, one thing that served me well … Continue reading “Find Your Vehicle”

The Choice Dilemma

Many of you probably already know this, but I primarily design furniture. More specifically, furniture to be used in the workplace. I find it rewarding to be a part of designing useful products that in turn help amazing companies accomplish their mission. For years I only designed custom furniture (custom – conceptualizing, designing, engineering, and … Continue reading “The Choice Dilemma”

Reactive Design

When change occurs, design has an opportunity to rise to the occasion. As designers, I think it’s safe to say we want to be as original as possible. We strive to be inspired by the unexpected, then translate this into a useful product. When rapid change occurs, we as designers are faced with a choice … Continue reading “Reactive Design”


My name is Ben Hopkins, and I am glad you’re here. All of my life, I have been infatuated with design. This started at a young age, and has evolved in many ways over decades. Today, I best express my creativity and design knowledge through furniture design. I believe many of the experiences that have … Continue reading “Welcome.”

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